Skallywag Tactical

We love what we do. We look at each product we make and think, if I bought this and I just took it out of the box, would I be happy? if we can’t say hell yes we are more than happy, it never goes out. Simple as that. We are Veteran owned and operated, we are not hero’s but we have waked with some that are.

We make all our products in the USA with materials from the USA with machines made in the USA and were proud of this fact. We are trying to do our part to revitalize American manufacturing.

We have been  overseas and we clearly understand  how lucky we are to have the freedoms we have in this Country and the great opportunities that provides.

We live out in the woods and we build our products out in the woods. We do things old fashioned in a modern way. We insist on precision. We are perfectionists.

We always try and answer any questions you might have.. don’t  hesitate to pick up the phone and call us as we really like talking to our customers.

Mostly we want to thank you, for supporting us and giving us the drive and ability to build more exciting things.

We are but humble Pirates and you are more than customers to us, you are family.