In life, we all have those people that have helped along the way and sacrificed their own time and efforts to help someone else.


We want to recognize our Family that have been with us since the beginning!


Helgal Valley Afghanistan. Rescue mission and High Value Target Capture/Kill mission in 2009  (Pictured Above) As documented in Jimmy Blackmon’s book “Pale Horse”.

Oz is and always has been family to us. We are always honored to be able to spend time with an amazing human who cares so deeply about his brothers, nature and wildlife.

US Army Special Forces, Green Beret, 18D. Exec. Director of Anti-Poaching/Veterans Outreach, Director of Field Medicine and Tactical Sponsorship for VETPAW

Oz began his military career in the U.S. Army at age 17. He completed basic training and infantry school at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He attended Special Forces “selection” and was chosen to attend the “Q” course, to earn the Green Beret worn by the US Army Special Forces. Oz maintains extensive certifications in multiple specialties, including: PSD Specialist/Instructor, Law Enforcement Weapons Instructor, Dept. of State Weapons Instructor and Advanced Operational Medicine Instructor, NREMT-Paramedic and numerous others. His special training and skills have been utilized to develop curriculum for various special programs.

Oz has been deployed to Afghanistan numerous times, and he has operated in Thailand and Africa on missions outside of military service. In 2012, Oz was chosen to conduct counter-poaching operations in South Africa as part of an elite four-man commando team. The Discovery Channel documented the operation for the series, “Battleground Rhino Wars.” The team helped apprehend 77 poachers and crippled several crime syndicates. They also helped train local anti-poaching rangers to enhance their effectiveness.

An experienced Special Operations combat veteran, Oz is an outspoken advocate for conservation and continues to work to raise awareness about the African poaching epidemic.

Joey Boswell

Like the Phoenix of ancient lore, gunmaking in Robbins astonishingly rose from the ashes. Soft-spoken gun devotee and lifetime Robbins resident Joey Boswell is something of a latter day David Kennedy. After a wide-ranging career performing industrial automation, engineering new product developments, and generally solving all sorts of industrial problems for various manufacturers across the globe, Boswell tired of travel to faraway destinations and being away from his family opened a firearms manufacturing company in Robbins, N.C. 
Currently, Joey and his wife Martha operate and own Mechanics Hill Marketing a marketing content generation company that includes videography, audio engineering, production, consulting and web services. They own and operate Osprey Research a firearms R&D company out of Robbins, N.C. The Boswell’s are also partners with Osprey Armament out Texas who manufacture the MK36H rifle. 

Major (ret.) Rusty Bradley

Rusty has always been a true friend and supporter. Rusty not only is a career Special Forces Commander with multiple deployments but also the co-author of the book “Lions of Kandahar”

There are few people I carry the respect for that I do of this man. A true leader that leads from the front. A valued friend and a true Brother.

 ****Bio coming soon ****