Mariner F20 Emergency Desalinator




Simple and easy emergency desalination. The Mariner F2O desalinator works by osmosis, the natural way of filtering water. When placed in a salt water source, the nutrient powder blends inside the Mariner draws water through the pouch’s membrane filter while blocking contaminants, including 97% of salt. To use, simple place the The Mariner F2O directly in the sea water and tether the filter to the raft of stationary object. Thats it! As water flows into the pouch by osmosis, salt and other contaminants are kept outside the filer. No pumping or manipulation is required. The result is a clean and hydrating drink that provides 480 critical calories invaluable in survival situations at sea.

Comes in a Pack of 3


FTS Mariner Emergency Desalinator from Nathan Jones on Vimeo.

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