Skallywag Folding Knife. “The Privateer”



Skallywag Tactical Folding knife. “The Privateer”

We are excited to release our first Folder. We wanted to work with the KISS rule on this one, keep it Simple Stupid for our first offering. We also wanted to bring forward an amazing value and balance between quality and price. We wanted to design a blade you would want to carry everyday and use for everything with features like the high end blades but for a lower end price. We think we have found the balance. Hope you like

D2 Tool Steel Blade Titanium black coating.

Steel Scales Titanium coating.

Frame Lock.

Ball Bearing.

Ambidextrous Belt Clip.

8.25″ overall length


.126 thick D2 blade

.35 lb. weight



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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 4 in
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  1. Craig Burhart (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a great EDC knife for awhile now without all the bells and whistles and for a good price. The entire framework of the knife is sturdy and solid, as well as the blade being coated to maintain a fresh look and to preserve the blade. The blade is extremely sharp and I know damn well this thing can take a beating. It is easily concealable, it could be mistaken for a pen inside your pocket, which is a plus for me. There aren’t any spring loads inside this knife so no need to worry about anything coming loose and not working over time. I will def be adding this to my EDC collection. Wallet, keys, phone, watch, and now this badass blade!
    John Gorden
    Virginia Beach, VA

  2. Craig Burhart (verified owner)

    Ok, after playing with it for a few hours, here is what I think so far… Feel- Handle feels really good in the hand, the metal handle and scales add a little weight, which i like. However it also makes it lighter on the blade end, which feels like I am not very balanced. I wish the blade was a little more heavy to equal the balance out.
    Design- I am not disappointed here at all, Design is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous finish.
    Sharpness- Sharp, but not as sharp as i would like it. Im picky as shit here though. It shaves hair and cuts paper nice but i want a razor. Im happy to say a few moments on a smooth stone and i now have a razor.
    Opening- the bearing is smooth but a little gritty. A lot smoother than i would expect from this price point of a knife. Im going to try a little teflon spray to see if that will smooth it out.
    Lock- Is sturdy and holds the blade well. Nice cut out area for easy thumb release of the lock.
    Lanyard attachment point is a nice feature again for this price point and unexpected.
    Overall, im very pleased this blade has features you would expect on a blade twice its price. I would have liked to have seen some grooves cut in the finger point and maybe spring assist but that all costs more money..
    this is a solid blade for the money and you will be pleased to own it.. I am and im a blade smith and in competition with Skallywag so take that for what its worth….

  3. Craig Burhart (verified owner)

    Received my Folder in the mail, great balance and blade geometry feels better in my hand than my Bastinelli giving it 4.5 out of 5 Stars . Possible ideas for improvement include a glass breaker and a slightly longer lever for blade deployment which is really needed in my humble opinion. Thanks guy and keep up the good work !
    Chris Cox

  4. Craig Burhart (verified owner)

    Holy cow my knives arrived with the quickness. Got the privateer and the deep 6. I really like the folder, it’s definitely replacing my edc and the deep 6 will go on my shtf gear. The privateer feels like it should have cost at least twice what it does. It’s that clean.

  5. chris (verified owner)

    I think you’re underselling this piece. I bought one for my son as a Christmas gift and I liked it so much I just ordered one for myself.
    It’s a beautiful knife ( the pictures don’t do it justice). It also feels fantastic in my hand and the action is very smooth. It is every bit a quality item as the other skallywag knives I’ve purchased in the past.

  6. Craig Burhart (verified owner)

    I have only have this knife for about 2 hours now and I must say this is about the most amazing folder that I have ever owned! The look weight and feel is amazing! Thank you for actually making a product that is actually worth a Damn!!!!! This was my fourth Scallywag knife and now just waiting on my Duclaw. I wanted to post this on your page on Facebook but couldn’t get it to come up! I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this knife and thank you for the amazing work!

    Joey Thompson

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