We believe that all people should have training after purchasing a weapon. We offer unique knife and dagger training for our customers to learn our products and be responsible with them.


Warrior Training

As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Close Combat, Mr. Donvito brings almost two decades worth of hands-on experience managing, and instructing custom built curriculum for various Special Mission Units, Mission Support, and elite SOF units. He is directly responsible for training over 500,000 military personnel and has been contracted by units throughout all four branches of service within the U.S. Military.


COMBAT TRAINING SPECIALIST: 26th Special Tactics Squadron 2015 – 2017

Responsible for the Combat Skills Training Program management, curriculum development, and specialized training in combatives and CQB.

Provided on call services linking weapons deployment, retention, and marksmanship within the natural training environment, and/or on the range.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR/ SME 2011 – 2015 Air Force Special Operations Command

Conducted close combat training for contracted AFSOC Personnel; implementing close combat programs and/or running mission specific close combat training within the TACP Schoolhouse, the 21st STS, the 22nd STS, the 23rd STS, the 24th STS, 26th STS, and the Special Tactics Training Squadron (STTS).

Assisted in the design, creation, and implementation of Instructor level training for AFSOC SERE Instructors and the STTS combatives POI.

CLOSE COMBAT SME 1998 – 2011 The Close Combat Institute

Conducted close combat training for contracted Army and Air Force Personnel; as well as various Mobile Training Teams to U.S. military units throughout the U.S.

Responsible for the creation, implementation and management of custom close combat programs within 3rd SFG, 7th SFG, 1st COSCOM, 96th Civil Affairs, 172nd Infantry Stryker Brigade and Command General Staff College (CGSC).

Responsible for training delivery of Close Combat Programs of instruction to entry level personnel attending the Special Forces Qualifications Course (SFQC).


Military Close Combat Instructor for US Army Special Forces and US Air Force Special Operations Forces from 1998 to present.

26 years training in combative sports and traditional martial arts; Earning six black belts in various martial arts.

18 years hands-on experience managing, and instructing custom built curriculum for various Special Mission Units, Mission Support, and elite SOF units.

12 years, United States Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Subject Matter Expert on Close Combat, Combative Fitness, Close Quarter Battle, and Small Unit Tactics

9 years, U.S. Special Forces Qualifications “Q” Course, Close Combat SME and Lead Instructor.


4th degree Black Belt
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu f/ Carlos Machado

10th degree Black Belt Kobushi Sessen-Jutsu

7th degree Black Belt Japanese Jiu-Jitsu

7th degree Black Belt Okinawa-Te

6th degree Black Belt Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kubudo

2nd Degree Black Judo

(1999 & 2000) Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers, and Legends Hall of Fame: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor of the Year

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